Thursday, May 03, 2007


It's been much more overcast today and so Talj has been having some fun taking photos of our indoor plants.

I know now why I've no chance of taking the "perfect" shot...I'd never have the patience! At least indoors Talj didn't have to contend with the wind which for the last few days has been blowing each flower as she tried to focus in on it. She even set up my camera for me so that I could have a go and showed me how to zoom in further than I thought my camera could!

and despite feeling slightly more fragile today cooked Manda and I a wonderful lunch of stuffed mushrooms with a mixed green salad. After 4 days of eating my food she finally admitted today that she is a qualified CHEF!!!! NOW SHE TELLS ME!!!!! Thank goodness I didn't know before as I would never had the nerve to cook for her!

We also walked over to our local shops.........after the outing yesterday and a busy time today she actually heeded my words and had an afternoon doze.......leaving me with orders to try some close up shots of our carnivorous plants with my own camera....................mmmmmmmmmmm...well it could be worse I suppose; a shame I chopped off part of the plant!

the Venus Fly Trap's looking hungry...maybe I should have fed it some of the steak we had tonight....unfortunately for Venus we both left empty plates!and one last shot......part of the Amaryllis.

Well after those "close ups" I'm going to close up for another night..............................

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Audrey said...

Ruth for a first attempt these shots look really good,especially the last one, so pleased your having a good time together...Sleep wellxxxxxxxxAuds

talj said...

Argh! You videod me!!

Ruth, there aren't enough words for me to fully express how wonderful my stay with you has been. You really are the perfect hostess and I wish I could stay here forever!!

Seeing you with your camera today was a real pleasure and I just love the shots you took whilst I was dozing! My favortie has to be the Amarylis petals, just beautiful. I know that when you get a few different colour backgrounds and some time to yourself in the coming weeks you will really get into taking those close up shots! :o)

Best stop waffling now as we need to get on with some 'work' before we eat pudding!!

Lots of love and {{{VERY BIG HUGS}}} xxx

Shaz said...

Well done Ruth, more close up pics to come in the future I hope x x

CG said...

Glad you had fun xx

Icarus said...

LOL! Seriously, at last, you have been sorted out with macro! I told you it was there in your camera! The moviette was a treat too. It's been a while since I got to watch anyone else wokring with a tripod.
And your first efforts - you see? Yes, the amarylis,definitely.
It's like entering another dimension, so for a gardening buff like you, there will be no looking back now, just closer. That's really great. I'm not sending you any more, you can do your own!!! Only kidding, but I look forward to getting yours.

Libbys Blog said...

I am well impressed with your close ups! Like you I'm not sure I could sit still long enough to take that special photo! I get Easy cook too! Has some great recipies in to add variety to are weekly diet!!!

lynnie said...

Fantastic shots mum.. Love the part of the amarylis - really looks professional..
Have a lovely day