Friday, May 11, 2007


It's been another mixed day weatherwise so I've been sharing my time between Drawer/Cupboard/Boxes sorting (when it's raining) and Gardening (between showers). I was glad to get some of the boxes emptied; when Talj was here and Andi had his couple of night's stay his "bedside cabinet" was boxes full of "stuff". Most stuff falls into 3 categories; don't need, do need and memories. The "memories" takes the longest to sort out and are of course the most emotional. The "do needs" I have to find a place for and the "don't needs" are dumped. I came across a lot of old crockery (no value to collectors or I would have running to eBay).....odd cups and saucers....I had a SMASHING time turning them into crocks for my plant pots.

My next step will be to go through all the boxes in the garage and also to sort out Mick's clothes......that's not a job I'm looking forward to. It has been a bit like Christmas though; finding things that I haven't seen for almost 2 years. One thing I found (goodness knows where I got it from in the beginning) was a Crystal Growing Kit..............
you have to put the rocks in distilled white vinegar, keep them warm, be very patient and wait for them to grow. Well I just happened to have some vinegar left from when I made the pickled onions last year so I thought I'd give it a go. Once they grow (hopefully) I can add some food colouring and then have some MACRO fun with my camera.

Leanne is coming to stay tomorrow night and on Sunday we will travel together to watch Kim run her Race For Life. I had spent so much time trying to find some sort of transport to get me to Colchester before 9am........where I got 9am from I don't know (a senior moment I guess) seems the run doesn't start until 11am!.....much easier for travelling as although there are no buses on Sunday, with the departure time being that much later, we should have no problems getting a train.

Manda and Nicole dropped by after school had finished. Nicole is quite elated as she has just spent the whole week at school sitting her S.A.T.S. Fingers crossed she has done well; the school puts a lot of pressure on the children...telling them their future depends on my mind it is an assessment of how well the teacher's are teaching but as the results determine a school's position in League Tables I think it's more a case of the future of the school depends on it!
I see Blogger has a scheduled outrage outage at 4pm PDT; I think that's about midnight my time but just in case I'm wrong I'll post this while I can.

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CG said...

Kate has been doing her SATS too; she is the same age as Nicole. She said she enjoyed them; they were better than lessons and she got to go for lunch before the rest of the school!! Hope the crystals grow well!! xx

Akelamalu said...

Ah sorting out takes a long time and a lot of energy. You'll get there.

Good luck to Nicole with her SATS.

I have pinched the photograph and tel numbers of Maddie to put up on my blog, I hope you don't mind, the more it gets out there the better I think.

RUTH said...

Pleased you have Akelamula; we all have visitors from all the world so the more publicity the better.

Sheila said...

Little Maddie's face haunts me. It's heartbreaking and I will try and post it on my blog as well. Who know, someone a world away might see it, and help to find her.

The crystal growing kit, that sounds interesting, I'll be interested to see the results of that.

Have a lovely weekend, I hope the sun shines on Sunday..