Friday, May 04, 2007


Bit chilly today but that didn't deter "Talj The Intrepid" in her quest for the perfect photograph. After a hearty breakfast she sat in the garden snapping away to her hearts content. She was hoping for some birds to drop by but I think they must have had better things to do (well it is Spring...a young birds fancy turns to love!)..... because the garden has been a bit of a "bird free zone" today.

Manda popped in for lunch but even "T.the I." had to give in and come indoors where it was slightly warmer.
We did take a trip over to the shops though and then relaxed and watched an afternoon film (though Talj noticed some birds on the bird table and attempted to take photos through the window). Andi is arriving tonight and staying over; ready to take Talj home tomorrow....the week has really flown past and I'm sure we haven't talked about or done half of the things we intended to. One thing that has made me really happy is Talj eating so well; let's hope Andi enjoys his meal as much tonight! Manda and Nicole will be joining us (Chris is babysitting for Leanne so that she can have a girly night out for a change) with four of us about it should be a fun night as the food and wine flows freely.

Memo to self.........must keep my eye on Talj when she leaves and make sure that Mick's special armchair and my Sun Lounger have not been pilfered....LOL

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Sylvia said...

Saw your photos on Talj's site. Good job and glad your visit in going well. (I have been trying for a couple of days to read blogs and blogger and my IE have not been working together. I downloaded another browser so I could read my favorite blogs and see what you have been doing. {{{{Hugs today}}}} and keep up the good work on your photo's.

CG said...

Hope you are all having a great evening !!!

Allotment Lady said...

Sounds like you have had a busy but enjoyable week.

And you fantastic cooking seems to have worked on Talj!

Have a great night

Audrey said...

Lol Ruth, a girlie night sounds wonderful...and can I just say your descriptions of what you cook and accompanying photos at times have got my appetite whetted...My diets improved since reading your blog, so hopefully it will work the same magic with Talj...Have a lovely evening together...

Lots of love and laughter to youxxxAuds

lynnie said...

Hi mum
How many hangovers are there this morning - hope you all had a lovely evening..
Off to the gym this morning but will text you later on.
Love ya

RUTH said...

Don't know where Lynn gets the idea from that we would have had a drink...she knows we are strictly teetotal in this house...(NOT)...everybody was very sensible and not a hangover in sight.