Tuesday, May 29, 2007


"Time it was and what a time it was...A time of innocence; a time for confidences. Long ago it must be; I have a photograph. Preserve your memories; they're all that's left you........" (Photograph ~Icarus~ Words~Paul Simon~)

In the beginning of There Are A Million Stories a special blogger came into the life of Mick and Ruth; how he chanced upon my blog I do not know ...maybe fate decreed it......maybe it was a fortunate case of serendipity.....however it happened he has been a true friend and his support both in my comment box and in his regular emails has meant more to me than words alone can ever express.

I had many wonderful emails and comments from so many blogfriends around the world when Mick passed away; I have printed them all out and often I read them when I feel alone and in need of comfort. There is one though written by Icarus (Stewart) that I keep in my bedside cabinet; this is the one I turn to in the dark hours when I cannot sleep; one paragraph shines through and I hear Mick's voice in the words.........

At the end, as it approached, he (Mick) gave you all his love and gratitude in the only way he could. In his passing last night, he spoke to you without words through his sleep. He said:
"Look my Darling Ruthie! It's my time now. But be reassured.
Look! I am moving on, gently and in peace. It is thanks to you and my thanks to you. We part on this earth, but only until we are reunited, when the time comes. We part in the full knowledge that we remain bound forever in the best love and at peace with each other.
You see how peaceful I am and you must know that I am content and ready. However sad I am to leave you, there is no choice and I will have what you most want for me - my full repair.
I love you and need only your well-being, your fortitude, that you continue to be the woman that the whole world has seen - an impeccable human emerald, ruby, angel who knows no other way than to give for love."
Maybe not in those words, my sweet, broken sister, but his message shines clear to me.

Despite the misfortunes and troubles that have pervaded his own life, a heavy workload and the taking of the woes of so many of his friends on his own back he has still continued to give me comfort and support.........so

Happy 1st Blogbirthday "TIME AND A WORD"

may you continue from strength to strength

(or should that be...... from Força to Força)

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Audrey said...

No words Ruth, your post today rings out loud and clear.

A message of pure love

Happy 1st Blogbirthday Stewart

I join you if I may in your heartfelt wishes..Forca to Forca

Sheila said...

What beautiful writing, and I can imagine what comfort it gives you.
Some people just have a way with words and know instinctively what to say. Stewart is obviously one of them. Happy 1st!! 'blogiversary', Stewart..!
And thanks Ruth for sharing thiswith us.

talj said...

Happy 1st BlogBirthday Stewart {{HUGS}} xx

Akelamalu said...

A true and understanding friend. I'd like to wish Stewart a happy 1st blog birthday as well.

Icarus said...

For once my words are drowned by sheer emotions. I came over because of Sheila's visit to me, thinking "How could she know that?".
I'll try to find the words...ah, it's not so hard at all.
This is before I have published the anniversary post, which is ready bar the words (Please, people, give me half an hour!).
I looked, read and felt weak. Ana stood next to me and read. When I looked at her, she was smiling, but with her eyes full of tears. She is like that.

I cannot believe what I have found here this morning, Ruth. The emotions are unmistakable though. Gratitude tied to a deep sense of humility. They bond together - like we have been bound together all thse months - to confirm and consolidate a simple truth, contained in just 4 simple words:
Friends, I wrote those words to our Ruth - of which she has today revealed to all of us an immensely touching secret, as to what they mean to her - sincerely as if Mick was telling me them, so clearly could I hear them, as if they were not mine at all. it seemsalmost incredible that I too can miss Mick, who I never knew first hand, but whom, through his wife's tenacity, courage, força, humour, realism, devotion & love, I came to respect, value & feel attached to so much, willing him on as much as I willed Ruth on.
Lastly, Ruth, in order not to offend the Copyright Chiefs, I gentlçy correct you: The "Time/Word" header ["Time it was and what a time it was..etc"] are not mine, tragic to say! Borrowed from the incomparable poet/songwriter, Paul Simon, album "Bookends".
With all my heart, your true friend,

RUTH said...

Of course it was Paul Simon (another of my senior moments)...noted and corrected

CG said...

Am so moved; every day through the world of blogging I am thankful that the true worth of people shines out.
Bless you, Stewart AND Ruth of course!!