Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Today has been a very important and emotional day for me and the girls. Today Mick came home. After so many days of waiting I received the call from the Funeral Directors to say we could collect his ashes. It was poignant that today; the day he came home, that the first bloom started to open on his special Rhododendron. I won't say to any more...teardrops on keyboards aren't a good idea.

Today was a special day for Talj too as she celebrated her birthday. Although she was away from home the "Birthday Girl" received quite a few presents and cards as well as some cash ......

she is now the adoptive mother of Flipper the penquin...who lives in the Falklands;
she also received a "sloppy verse" Friend Cushion...(I wonder who that was from...LOL)
a Dragon Fly Solar light for her Balcony Garden

and a trio of pots to plant up her salad mixture in...... as well as cards!

Once again we've had a warm sunny day and Talj had lots of chances to take more of her wonderful photographs;
and she had plenty of Birthday hugs.....Leanne and Mel came over for the day; Manda popped in for lunch, as did my neighbour Sue......Unbeknown to Talj I'd made her a Birthday Cake........only ONE candle....it would have been bad manners to give away a lady's age!!!Manda dropped in again after work; followed closely by Nicole...........
All in all....a fairly busy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The girls all know now the "spec" gift that Talj had given me. Those of you who read my gardening blog know how much Mick and I admired Geoff Hamilton and how precious the few days we spent at Barnsdale Gardens were a few years ago. On Sunday Talj handed me a letter from herself telling me how she had been trying to think of something special that she could do for me...............

she then gave me a print out of an email from Sue (Geoff's widow) and Nick Hamilton (Geoff's son)..................to quote......

Dear Natalya
Sorry not to reply earlier but we have both been busy!
Firstly, we are sorry to hear of the passing of your special friend, Mick.
Both Sue and myself would be more than happy to have something planted at Barnsdale in memory of your friend and should you wish to have a plaque inscribed with your choiceof words to go alongside the plant that would be wonderful. we are pleased to hear that Mick managed to get to Barnsdale and hope that their rose does not grow as strongly as ours - 2 years ago it reached 7ft!
Let us know what ideas you have re a plant or tree and we can take it from there.
Don't worry if we don't reply immediately as it is now show season and we might not get to the computer every day!
Best Wishes
Nick & Sue
Barnsdale Gardens

Needless to say my tears flowed at such a precious gift.....I know how proud Mick would be to think that Geoff's wife and son would allow him the honour of being remembered in Geoff's Garden.

UPDATE: In the post today I received a further £50 for Rose's Tribute Fund. That brings the total raised so far following Mick's funeral to £455!

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Audrey said...

A deeply moving post Ruth, and what a tribute for Mick, you must be so thrilled by Talj's wonderful gesture. Well done Talj and big hugs for you all todayxxxxxxxAuds

Sheila said...

I'm pleased to read Talj had a great day Ruth. Her 'gift' to you is beautiful, and shows so much thought. I am quite moved to think you have become such good friends..
hugs to you both

CG said...

I'm glad T had such a wonderful birthday and thanks for posting the photos :)

Her gift is such a lovely idea; very thoughtful indeed. Hope you both have another great day together :)

Claire said...

Glad Mick is back home with you and i think that was a wonderful idea of Talj's. I know that Barnsdale Gardens holds a lot of wonderful memories for you.
Also glad she had a lovely birthday and that you are feeding her up.

picperfic said...

what a comfort this blog must be to you at this sad but happy time! I am enjoying reading it but i have to say that this post did make me a bit teary! x

A wildlife gardener said...

Happy birthday to Talj. What a wonderful tribute to Mick. Love to you all.

Shaz said...

A gift to each other is your friendship. You two are good for each other x x

Gledwood said...

O so that's what Talj looks like. Happy birthday Talj! I'm glad you sound OK (as can be expected) Ruth. What a horrible difficult time it has been all round for you...

I love rhododendrons, we used to have enormous bushes in our front garden (they hid the ground floor of the house)... invaluable plants. (The new owners cut them down and now the garden looks bare...)

Take care Ruth; lots of love