Saturday, May 05, 2007


Talj is home safe and sound. Andi turned up about 6pm last night and Manda and Nicole joined us for the farewell meal. I think I filled them up too much with the main course as there was still some of the chocolate dessert left for Manda to take over to Leanne's today (I don't think Manda was complaining!)

Andi had brought a couple of birthday presents for Talj and magnificent presents they were too!

One of those fancy photo frames that you can put your memory card in and programme to show a slide show of all of your photos

This one was a scanner; I know shell gets lots of use from this as she has some old family photos she wants to post on her blog.

Talj gave me a lovely Thank You card.......and said LOTS of nice things about me in it. After a night's sleep and a good breakfast it was time to load the car.
With all the presents she had received and the few bits and pieces
she had bought during the week (including Sudbury Sid the Gnome) there was hardly any room left in the car for plants; I did manage to squeeze two or three in though........and the good news is Mick's armchair and my Sun lounger are safe!!!!!
I had a surprise in my mail; a letter from America! I've been following Jenny's Triathlon training blog and photoblog for quite a while now and noticed she had a donation widget to raise money for a Care Car for her local community. I made a small donation and thought no more of it. How exciting to receive a thank you note!!! Coincidentally today she took part in the Sharon Classic and made it across the finishing can read about it HERE.

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AnalĂ­a said...

Hi amiga mia, I love to read that you are doing fine. talj has been great company these days, I'm glad she came to visit you and your family( I'm not jealous,I'm not jealous,I'm not jealous)LOL, you know, my inner child!!
I've been working a lot lately but you are always in my mind, believe me. I love you my friend.

CG said...

Glad you all had such a lovely time!!

talj said...

Thank you for everything Ruth. Lots of love and {{{HUGS}}} xxxx

Jenny said...

How funny that you posted my letter! Do you know how i figured out your address? A few weeks ago you posted a little slideshow of cards people had made for you - your address was apparent on one but I had to watch the show about four times to get all of it! (Then I had to google-map where you live as I've never been to England and didn't have a clue where you were! (Sxxx told me it was in "East Anglia" as if that would help!) Glad you got a kick out of the letter though I suppose the tax deduction doesn't do you any good!

Jenny said...

P.S. that's not my handwriting on the envelope - if I'd written it it would probably have never arrived!