Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Thank goodness I had the last couple of days to rest and recuperate. Today has been an absolute nightmare as I continue my quest make companies understand that Mick has passed away and to reap what I am due from Government Agencies.

One credit card company has sent a letter to Mick thanking HIM for HIS letter informing them of HIS death and asking HIM to outline how HE intends to settle his account. Due to the situation over the past couple of years I've only been paying the minimum payments so they've had plenty of interest.....I am sorely tempted to ignore it...it's not addressed to ME is it?......maybe I should just leave them to get the money out of Mick!....(how he would laugh at this).

Then there's the Government Agencies.......I think I may be breaking a record for "hanging on the phone listening to incessant music"...........my longest stint so far 25 minutes before I actually got to speak to a human. I didn't know quite how to explain this next bit without it sounding too complicated so have turned it into a very messy flow chart

Don't worry if you can't manage to read it, it's not really worth the paper it's scribbled on; basically the Pensions Dept. says that Mick's death has been verified and that they have informed the Carer's Dept.; the Carer's Dept. says that Mick's death hasn't been verified and that the Pension's Dept. hasn't informed them. This means that although I'm entitled to £48 a week for 8 weeks (no begging letters please) I'm not actually getting the money.

BTW did any of you see the anonymous comment I got on my Ruth's Shoots blog on the 30th April..................

Anonymous said...

Hi Ruth! Ok, I'm not going to lie your website is pretty GAY! Sorry but you must have a LOT of time on your hands!


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talj said...

{{{HUGS}}} Sorry to read about all your troubles today Ruth. I know only too well the complicated benefits system and how well it DOESN'T work! Just sorry that you have to deal with all this when right now it's the last thing you need.

As the letter addressed to Mick, sadly, I am not surprised :o( I think I would be inclined to do exactly what you suggested and just ignore them. When it comes down to it you have written proof of their stupidity!!!

Poor yourself a healthy glass of Amarula, sit down and just say to hell with the lot of 'em today!

Lots of love and {{{BIG HUGS}}} xxx

Jeanette said...

Oh Dear Ruth im still getting accounts (power , Gas) 2 years later that had all been changed after Alans death and to do that Ihad to go to Solicitors and get certified copies of Alans death certicate. and believe it or not I couldnt close his credit card down which he hadnt used for over twelve months I have my own card so once again a trip to sol. to get copy certified,

A wildlife gardener said...

You are so patient, Ruth. I'd be tearing my hair out by now!

CG said...

It's so maddening, Ruth. {{HUGS}} and what an idiot to post that on your other blog!!

Shaz said...

I'm sorry to swear on your blog but "annonymous" is sooo bl**dy infuriating, how dare him/her. I've just been & checked out your other blog & have learnt handy hints already. He/she must work for the Benefit or Credit card agencies! {{{HUGS}}}

Icarus said...

Good lord.....there's you, there's your fresh grief and there's cold, blind, ignorant, insensitive bureaucracy. It is beyond me. Take talj's advice and do try not to let it get you bovvered.

as for the kind, well-meaning idiot, with such eloquent mastery of articulate language, I've already told you my thoughts about it. Too small to worry about.
Tomorrow will be better, for sure.
A good night's rest to you, the new Annie Liebowitz (photographer).
Kisses from SXXXXXXXX

Ecce said...

Don't let the b*^%$>ds get you down girl! As for the credit card I'm pretty sure you can just ignore it (but don't hold me to it).

Claire said...

OOOps i laughed at the gay comment but really what a loser!
Maybe we should send anon over to the credit companies! now that is gay!lol!

mrsnesbitt said...

The things you read when you haven't got your gun!
Some people????


Sheila said...

Send the credit card company letter back, marked MOVED..!
I think you will be surprised how quickly they will grasp the situation. And as for the Pensions Dept..!Is it run by idiots..?
You dear Ruth are more than patient!