Friday, May 18, 2007


A beautifully warm, sunny day

Great comments of support and understanding from my blogpals (if you haven't seen all the messages please go into yesterdays comment box......(isn't wildlifegardener's verse lovely)

Some wonderful emails......

The granting of a loan from the Social Fund for 2/3rds of the funeral costs (I've got to repay it but at least it's interest free)

A lovely gardening day

Some reasonable (for me) success with some macro photos

Insects staying still long enough to be photographed

A scrummy Chilli (thanks Chris) and lovely few hours at Manda & co's

A wonderful walk "up the hill"

Another £20 cheque donation in Mick's memory for the Clatterbridge cancer Campaign

Despite eating so well the past few weeks standing on the scales and not having put on weight.

N.B. Just one grumble my PC is still playing up.....took me half an hour just to get it to turn on. So if I suddenly disappear at some point, or don't get enough PC"OK" time to visit your know why.

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Icarus said...

That better day that was waiting for you. The one you earned on the blue days this week.
Much better.
Only grumble from me - why won't the photos enlarge when I click on them. Are they on a web album? Must be, they go direct from the blog into an album on mine, Want to see them closer up.
Have a sweet, peaceful weekend my friend. I'll do the work, right?

Sheila said...

Nice to know that your day was better, and a little more rewarding.
Funny, I eat nothing and gain weight...!
Have a lovely weekend Ruth.

Claire said...

Thinking of you as always! :) I am loving your macro shots.

Sounds good about the social fund, though not really sure what that is :)

I am so happy to see the fund ever increasing!

RUTH said...

Icarus; I have no idea why on some posts the photos enlarge and on others they don't. One of the great blogger mysteries. They are always uploaded exactly the same way. Maybe blogger realises that they won't bear closer scrutiny...LOL I do have a few on my Picasa album which can be found HERE
Sheila; that's usually what happens with me! Lucky at the it will catch up with me though.
Claire the Social Fund is a sort of DHSS loan for emergencies

Akelamalu said...

So glad you had a better day.

Love the photographs.

Audrey said...

Ruth, Ive missed reading your blog whilst away, just back and catching up so leaving a quickie for now.

These are challenging times indeed, in a different sense, so much change,so much still to deal with and so much to think about for the future. My words at this moment feel inadequate given everything thats going on for you.

I wanted to cry and scream simultaneously when I read that a*se of a comment, Im so angry GRRRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHH!!!

I enlisted my MPs assistance last year after months of getting nowhere with these government agencies, endless phone calls as you say.......His input and intervention brought a very quick resolution and the agencies certainly bucked their ideas up and began ringing me as if by magic. I know they have certain rules to follow and they are just doing their jobs but in certain circumstances a good shove from the right person can have an impact. Hopefully this will be resolved soon and as I say my MP ended up doing the ringing and letter writing on my behalf.

You Ruth have much to offer the job market, when the time comes, you have a wealth of life experience, commitment, caring, intelligence thats valuable out there...

Be gentle with yourself and on the days when you feel a bit wobbly and your confidence is perhaps wearing thin, just remember there are those on the other side of the computer screen who have had the honour of getting to know a woman of immense courage and character thats both humbling and inspirational..

And so creative, Im really impressed by the photos..excellent!!