Monday, May 28, 2007


I've had trouble today picking up/sending emails and getting blogs/comment boxes to load. In the end I decided to try going in via BT Yahoo...I don't usual use it because of the (disgustingly lewd) SPAM in the spam box..OUTLOOK seems to have a way of throwing that back so that I never receive it. Any way, after desperately trying to remember my password, in I old home page loaded first and there in front of me were my "stars"..........
You might find that your brain is hanging out in the slow lane today, dear Aries. Gradually it may even be creeping over to the breakdown lane. You might find that it is harder to make your quick, witty, rebuttals to the conversations at hand. Take your time and make sure you choose your words very carefully. Communicating with others might be a bit like pulling teeth.

Now if I change the word brain to computer it's spot on I reckon!!!........... Hey I heard that...what do you mean "leave it as brain!"

Putting that to one side, today has been a thoroughly wet, cold, miserable day weatherwise. I feel so sorry for all the families who have gone on holiday for the Half term week or had planned BBQ's. I heard on our local news that one Scout troop had been washed out of their camping trip and had to come home disappointing. That said I decided I wouldn't let the weather get me down too much...I did a bit of "kitchen gardening"...cleared up the mess from that! Listened to music, tried a few more macros, did some reading, even watched an afternoon film (not usually a daytime TV watcher)......the film I watched was "The Parent Trap" and yes I bawled at the happy ending.

So all in all, a bit of a "mish mash" day...nothing exciting but better than sitting in a Bank Holiday Monday traffic Jam!!!!

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Sheila said...

I laughed at the final photo..!
and at your horoscope.
Sometimes home is the best place to spend a bank holiday I think.

Ruby in Bury said...

I hate spam. I always talk angrily back to the titles of spam emails in my inbox, especially the ones that say things like

"Stand out among other men!"

Because you just know what they're going to be advertising, LOL. And also they have the cheek to think I'm a man! I won't repeat what I say to them though!!

I'm getting loads of casino spam at the moment - not remotely interested in casinos - and also things for software that I don't need. But the worst are the ones that have my name in the title, "For you, Ruby!" or somesuch. And when I open it up, it's a link for VIAGRA! Grrrr! How 'bout NO!

Akelamalu said...

I seem to spend the first 30 minutes of each day deleting spam!

Miserable day outside yesterday but I spent the entire day on my new project.

CG said...

Spam is evil!!

I like BH spent at home!!