Saturday, May 12, 2007


It was lovely this morning when the mail dropped through the door and there was something besides bills there! Nice surprise #1 was another £25 donation in memory of Mick for the Clatterbridge Campaign; surprise #2 some beautiful prints from Talj of some of the flowers she had taken photos of during her stay. (You can see her photo album in the side bar of Me, My life, My Garden)
The weather has been sunshine and showers but I did get a chance to do some gardening and even had a short sit in my sun lounger. It's only the second time I've sat in it since Miri and Fran bought it for me. The sun soon gave way to heavy rain fact just as Leanne arrived the heavens opened...a few minutes later and she would have been drenched walking from the bus stop.
It's Kirsty's birthday today and she and her siblings are with their Dad for tonight. Kirsty had a "girly Birthday sleepover party last night"
Leanne says the last she heard of them was 4.30am this morning...........I think I was just getting up then...LOL

We've had a good dinner; I popped to the market this morning and managed to get some Jersey Royals......Mick always loved it when the first Jersey Potatoes were in the shops...those with Spring Lamb Chops and minted garden peas were his favourite Spring dinner......sweet memories.

There was a beautiful rainbow tonight; it arced right across the sky; sadly with my camera I could only get part of it

I wonder if it's a good luck omen for England in the Eurovision Song Contest tonight.......yes we will be watching it.......but only if there's nothing better on the It's worth watching though just to hear Terry Wogan and his comments and predictions! He certainly is the Eurovision King!

Well that's about it....Leanne & I have a taxi booked to get us to the station tomorrow in time for the train to Colchester. I really hope the weather stays fine for Kim's Race For Life. After Leanne & I have eaten some of the Victoria Sponge I've made for us to nibble this evening I reckon we should be doing some running to burn off the calories!

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Sheila said...

Enjoy yourselves tomorrow, and I hope the sun shines on everyone..

talj said...

Sounds like you have had a good day despite the weather! Hope that you and Leanne have a fun evening and that your travels go well tomorrow {{{HUGS}}}

Best of luck to Kim for her run too :o)

Shaz said...

Good old Terry & Scooch didn't come through for us this year (again!). Hope you have a fab time tomorrow (or is that today?) . . lol

Akelamalu said...

Mmmm Jersey Royals - we had some for lunch today!

Hope the run goes well.