Friday, May 04, 2007


I've been tagged by Blue the Spa Girl; she has been very patient waiting for these answers

1. One of your favorite dreams, that you can remember. What was it like?
I'm more inclined to remember my nightmares than my dreams. I did have one recurring dream when I was a teenager.....typical Mills and Boon stuff. I dreamt that I was a very young looking secret agent and had to go into a school undercover as a student of 16 in order to find out which of the teachers was head of a Drugs Cartel. In my dream the really dishy English teacher fancied me and I fancied him back. Of course nothing could happen because I was supposed to be a student and he was a teacher. In the end he LEFT the school as he could not bear to be near me without letting his passion loose!!! After I'd caught the Drugs Baron (don't ask me how! my dream that bit got left out) I was able to track him down; tell him the truth of my age and .....the next scenes have been censored by Blogger.
2. You are given a large blank canvas. What do you paint?

Ummmm...being no artist I'd probably have to transfer a "paint by numbers" scene on the canvas..a deserted tropical island I think....what fabulous plants I would find!
3. You can use one word to describe your essence. What is the one word?
One word!!!!........that's a tough one....."TRYING" (in the sense of hoping to achieve...not in the sense of a pain in the butt!!(I hope!)
4. I am giving you a plane ticket to anywhere in the world. Where are you flying? Who are you taking with you?
I'd have to sell it on eBay....I can't think of anywhere I'd rather be than at home with loved ones.
5. What is your favourite song of all time. Why do you like it?
It has to be Lionel Richie's Hello....Mick and I fell in love to it......need I say more???.

NOW I HAVE TO THINK UP QUESTIONS FOR OTHER PEOPLE!!!!! this may take some time!!!!

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CG said...

Enjoyed reading your answers Ruth :)

Blue the Spa Girl said...

Ruth I loved these. Especially your answer to the plane ticket question. You have a good heart. Thanks for participating, it was fun! Hope you are well...xo

Mauigirl said...

This is a fun meme...enjoyed reading your answers.

Claire said...

Number one sort of reminded of the film never been kissed with Drew Barrymore, have you watched it? I have been reading Mills and Boon since i was 12 :)

One word to describe you 'Inspirational'

Hey keep that ticket for travels with me, there are loads of places we could go!

I love that song!